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★加工技術・装置・洗浄・清浄化技術・計測・評価技術・ デバイス化技術の各分野に関する実用用語を幅広く網羅!
★CMP分野において活躍のProf.Ara Philipossian氏(Univ.of Azizona) による翻訳!
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Over the past decade, planarization has proven to be an enabling technology and thus has become mainstream in integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing. Although planarization has its basis in mechanical wafer polishing techniques, it is a polishing process involving chemical phenomena. Since planarization applies to ICs, knowing the basics of IC production is a critical element in understanding the main functions and features of planarization. Understanding the planarization process further requires detailed knowledge regarding the materials, processing equipment, metrology tools and integration schemes involved in implementing this technology. As such, this term dictionary is designed to provide comprehensive explanations relating to devices. It also strives to provide details regarding various unit operations within the IC manufacturing flow. Additionally, post-planarization cleaning terms and definitions are emphasized in this document in order to give the reader a more comprehensive understanding of the entire planarization module. This is the first edition of the English Dictionary of Planarization Terms published for the general public and will undoubtedly be a very valuable reference book for those working in the planarization and related areas. This publication is the result of fruitful collaboration between the Planarization CMP Technical Committee of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering and the NSF/SRC Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing (ERC), USA. In its original version, this document was in Japanese and was compiled and edited by an editorial team from the Planarization CMP Technical Committee, in December of 2000. In July of 2001, a new committee comprised of several members from the original Japanese editorial committee, along with several Professors from the NSF/SRC Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing in the United States, was formed and tasked with the translation of the original Japanese version into English.




編 者 CMP編集部会
発行者 精密工学会
発行所 グローバルネット株式会社